Rogaine Thief and General Info


Believe it or not, a bald man stole over $800 in Rogaine recently.  Some people believe that if the perpetrator is not captured quickly, his appearance might change so dramatically that he will be unrecognizable from all the new hair regrowth (ba dum tsh!)  We thought that this story was funny, and a good opportunity to clarify a few things about Rogaine.

Rogaine can is available for both men and women, but the truth is Rogaine often fails for most individuals because it’s so laborious to use.  You rub the foam product on the scalp twice daily and if done properly it may help with hair regrowth, or some of their products slow the progression of hair loss.  It is not meant for growth of facial hair, or the eyebrows.

For hair purposes, Rogaine is only available in a foam product or solution.  This product has different monthly supplies, an extra strength version and even an unscented topical solution.   The pill version, also known as “Vasodilator”, may be used treat high blood pressure in some cases.

The bottom line with a treatment like this, if it’s not easy and not effective people are not going to do it.  Patients get very fatigued with having to rub this into the scalp in the morning and before going to bed 365 days per year.

Newer and more effective treatment has arrived such as the Capillus 272 Laser Cap that is easier to use and has no side effects.  This and other hair loss solutions at 651HAIR are effective, and the results speak for themselves.  If you’re looking to regrow hair or stop hair loss, we’re confident that we can help.  Give us a call at (513) 651-4247 (HAIR) or contact us through our online form.  We look forward to discussing a personalized solution for you!

Police Hunt Bald Guy In Rogaine Theft Spree


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