Do Laser Caps Really Work to Stop Hair Loss and Grow Hair

The use of Low Level Laser Therapy is a interval part of treating most hair loss issues in Cincinnati.
Most patients in the past make the mistake of coming to our office thinking of only doing hair transplants but in reality if you don’t fix the cause of the hair loss, the patient will be chasing future hair loss and transplant procedures for the rest of there lives.

Products such as Capillus 272 and Laser Cap have put our clinical units out of commission due to the fact that they are more powerful and are simple to use which makes it very easy to be compliant which leads to efficacy for the patient.

So what we have learned in Cincinnati by using LLLT for almost 20 years now is that patients that use the device have healthy hair and those that don’t have unhealthy hair. It is really that simple. And the best part about LLLT is that it has zero known side effects.

Find out more about laser hair loss treatment with the Capillus 272 here.

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