Cincinnati Hair Loss in African American Women

Hair is obviously extremely important to any woman and we have seen a large amount of damage and hair loss over the years which could have been avoided.

Here are a few tips that Dr. Mendelsohn agrees will help prevent potential permanent damage from happening.

  • Wash hair weekly with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Allow two weeks between relaxing and coloring.
  • Limit use of blow dryers and hot combs and other heated hair styling   products to once a week.
  • Wash braids or dreadlocks every two weeks.
  • Avoid wearing braids too tightly; don’t wear longer than three months.
  •  To detangle hair, use a wide tooth comb while conditioner is still in the hair.
  • Use natural hair oils with jojoba, olive, shea or coconut oils.

If you feel you have damaged your hair, consult with us immediately to see if we can reverse the damage.

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